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Life of a Marine

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Life of a Marine

Type: Scenario
Difficult:  Hard
Game: Starcraft
The creater of this was Gemini4t. This is a single player scenario There are 7 part to this Scenario but this is only the beta version Gemini4t is playing to come out with a version with voice overs. The web site to download the scenario from is

Story Line
The Koprulu Sector is a turbulent place, torn apart by war after war, decimated planets in its wake. It has occured on such a grand scale that sometimes we forget about the individuals who put it all on the line for their cause. Meet Lieutenant Jack Sherall, a Marine in the Terran Dominion whose life has been thrust into the fray, leaving him and everyone around him forever changed. Come and experience the Life of a Marine. (Tooking from Gemini4t)
Game Play
Life of a Maine game play is very good. It is easy to contral all your units and the boss fights are so much fun. I dislike that some mission all you have use is your hero to beat, and you did not need any of they other normal units. Gemini4t give you chances to take different paths to the end. It is also not a mass attack type of game. You have think head and you can't run in with gun blazing. I also like the cut sences he did for the game.
The controls the game is basic campare to starcraft but there are some examples of when the contrals acted up and it got annoying trying to keep walking on the trigger you wanted or go through a narrow pass and the will try go around.
Bouns Points
Gemini4t had add person music when your playing and depends on which path you took depends on which music plays. At the every end of the game he had one voice over and it was will done.

In Conclusion Life of Marine is a great scenario to download. You could play more than once and still have fun with it. I high recommand it
Total points
By Tyson

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