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Rating system

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Rating System for Mods
When i rate a Mod i look for how different the mod is to the actual game. If some just change one item they would not score to highly. I will also will take look at the design of the new itmes he put in. If it detial the guy will get high marks. The last thing i look for in a mod is either if the mod contrals are good. I ask question like " does this new charater move smoothly or it a jerkey mortion. I give out bouns for adding in music or voice overs. 

Rating Scenario
When i rate Scenario the main thing i look for is how good is the story line. Is the story line boring or is it fun to play in. I also look for the lengh of a scenario if the story line is boring and the game is too long i give it low marks. The gameplay of the Scenario. Does it follow the story line that the creater came up with. Or it does it have nothing to do with the storyline at all.I all so test them on the triggers. Is it hard to use how long do you have to wait for it to work and how many times do you have to step on it to make it work. I give out bouns for music and voice overs.
If a mod have a story line to it i do two reviews one about the mod and one about the storyline

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