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Star wars Galactic conquest

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Type:     Mod
Game: Battlefield 1942
Star wars Galactic Conquest is fun mod to play online. The web site to download the mod is

Different between game
The mod is very different from the main game in level and unit wise. You still need to caputer the out posts. But in some level there are just ship battles. The mod don't use any weapons or units from Battlefield or level. But you must play online, there is no sinlge player.
The Design of the Game is amazing. The charater was will done and detailed. The maps were very good and detail. One of my favorite level was the battle of hoth. The ship design was close to the real thing.
The gameplay was really good. there was some jerking moations with some of the ships. In one level you lose total contral of a ship unitl you see the ground. When you go out of bounds after the count down is done you have like another 10 seconeds to get out before you die. There are also no parachutes. Other than that the game was amazing
The added voice over for almost everything that battlefield had also there is no game music but some load music.
In Conclusion Galactic conquest  is a great scenario to download. This is a fun mod to play over and over again on the internet. I high recommand it
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Review by Tyson


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