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Sudden Strike

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Type: Mod
Game: Red alert
Sudden strike is a multiplayer game mod for Red alert. You can only play it in multiplayer and you could play it online if you fine some games. You can download some music file to go with the game. The only bad thing about this is you have to remove the game by your self by deleting some files. The maker give you a list of what to remove. Web site is

Different between game
Sudden strike is diffenect from Red Alert 2 is every nation has two special units. Also he have change some on the nations. They add China, Iran, Serbia and divided up Yuri forces into Bio and Phychic corps. He also add many new weapons like giving yuri and russia air bases. He useed all of the buildings in red alert. Sea force all most say the same except for yuri. The unit from the first red alert game is also let stronger in sudden strike. You have to use the map you have already.
The game ran smoothly, there was no unit skipping at beat. The pictures of new items look like that the game creaters created this game. He also add some more animation of some units. Also there is one unit when it fires the screen shakes.
The Gameplay is the same as the actual game. Some time when you get lots of chrono prison the game gets very slow when they are attacking. Some time when you go to pause the game it stop for ten seconds than go to the pause screen. Aslo he add some more create option. He add some bad creates. For example a create the cover up the map again.
The creater add some voice over for some of the units. They are good voice over. It sounded like it should have been in the first game.
In Conclusion Sudden strike was a good mod to play for a week or so but getting rid is a bit annoying. I remmoned this mod if you want some new units for your Red Alert game but this is only good thing about it
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Review by Tyson

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