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CannisRules: Balance of power
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Type: Mod
Game: Red Alert 2
Balance of power is a multiplayer and singleplayer game mod for Red Alert. It could be play online. It is easy to play When trying to get rid of the mod it is hard to do beacause you need to go to the web page to find which programs to remove, it does not come with it.

Different between game
Balance of power does not have many changes to the game. They add some new units but not ever noticable unless you play as yuri in a sea battle. He also improved some of the units. He also give a demo for another mod with more units. There was all most no new buildings
The new units did not freeze up the game and run good. The new units look like is was taking time to do and and the building pictures looks well done. It show he took his time and worked on it.  Also he add some better looking rockets. Also he added battle damage to some of the buildings. Example when a cloning decivce is damage it shoots out blue smoke.
The Gameplay of the game was just as Red Alert 2 but with some unit inpoved. There was no freezing in the game but you could beat that a muitiplay game with the normal units. The Ai is smart enough to use some of the new unit that the maker made but they usally stick with the main units.
The creater add some voice over for some of the units but there was not many new units to add to.
In Conclusion Balance of power was not as good as i thought it would be but he coming out with a new mod that has many new units. I won't recommand to download this mod. 
Review by Tyson

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