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Desert Combat

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Type: Mod

Game: Battlefield 1942
Storyline: No actual explained story. You can basically choose to be the American Coalition, or the Iraq Opposition. It mainly is set on the current war on Iraq.

Gameplay: This is probably the best BF: 1942 mod out yet. 1, there is more of a selection of kits than in BF: 1942. Between the Coalition and the opposition, the weapons are mostly evenly balanced. The Modern weapons handle better than the World War 2 counterparts. There are also a slew of new vehicles, aircraft, and helicopters. Like I said, they all fair better than the WW2 counterparts (except for the choppers). Unlike most of the other mods, this can be played with almost all single player maps (the ones that don’t work are The battle of Britain and Market Garden). The online experience is awesome too. Its basically the same, but the players are much better, and harder. One problem is that the mod lags more than the original game. Also, is single player, the AI of you opponents sometimes are stupid (they have a tank and they just sit at the main base.).But other than that, the game play is awesome.  


Controls: The controls are basically the same as BF: 1942. Helicopters have their own controls that YOU have to figure out! I personally have a lot of trouble piloting a Chopper, I see other people do it very well, but it should give you some instruction.




Bonus Points: The game sounds are completely different than the original game. from the gunfire, to the commands, it was good. Also, they had to do a whole new animation for reloading the grenade launcher. Very impressive




In conclusion, Desert combat is a kick ass mod with all the modern weaponry. This is a mod that will keep you busy for a long time. If you are bored of BF: 1942, you HAVE to play this!


Review by Justin

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