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ENFO team survival

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Type: Scenario

Difficulty: varies (you vote on the difficulty)

Game: Warcraft 3 frozen throne


This scenario was made by Flash96. You basically have to play Frozen throne to get it.



No real story here.



(will not deduct rating)



ENFO’s Team Survival is what it states. It is a team survival game. At the start, there are many different heroes to choose from, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. There are two teams, and the one that survives the longest, wins. There are basically two portals, starting at the other side of the level, which spawn monsters (there are two separate paths that connect later.). Those monsters have to walk along the paths to the power circle, where you will lose a life. If 100 monsters get to the circle on your teams area before it does to the other teams, you lose. You can buy weapons, armor, rings(which increase your stats.), potions, and recipes for more powerful items. All of the heroes have there own special ability, and they all are meant for different things. Sometimes teamwork is the best way to bring your team to full power (the nightmare hero can get stronger if it is night time, but he can’t cast that kind of magic.). There are also spellbringers that can either hurt the other team, or help yours. Very fun.





Same controls as Warcraft 3

In conclusion, ENFOS Team Survival is a fun and repayable experience that is lots of fun to play online. Kick some ass!


review by Justin

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