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Dark Deeds

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Game: warcraft 3

Type: scenario

Difficulty: hard

The creater of  Dark Deeds is Weevilman. Its a muitiplay Map that you and up to 8 other people can play. You also get a code after each game that lets you get gifts if you reacher so many points. The most common one that are still in use are Dark Deeds 6 ,7.
Story Line
The Storyline is that you are running away from your village because one of the famers is working for the dark side aka Evil side. So you must run away and build a army to kill the evil one.
Game Play
The game is a esay game to caught on. It a hard game since evil will attack you or another farmer. Also other farmers will attack you because they think you are evil. The creater made it fun to build your own village. The best thing is that you could pick items form the map and sell them or use them. Also you can grow crops for extra cash.  When you get kids they would become a male or a female.
The game is basic the same for the warcraft 3. The Game goes ever smoothly. 

In Conclusion Dark Deeds was one of the best map that was made on battlenet. everthing in that game is total random. Evil will awalys be different.  I say get thing game and play with your friends right now.
Review by Tyson

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