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December 20: I just finish another review on Dark Deeds. I may i have one more review done before chirstimas but if i don't. Have your self a merry Chirstimas and a Happy new Year
December 7 : I just posted up Pyramid Escape
November 30 : Sorry about not posting up anything in awhile.
School was keeping occuiped. Also i remove Senate Game. There should be some more review up by the end of the week
September 30: i just had to delected all my download items sorry about that, and there should be a review done by the end of this week
September 21: i just posted senate game but a friend of my is createing a intro to go with it Download Senate game
September 20: Matt has just join the group for mod gamer, and he design the little flash animaltion at the side
September 16: Justin just posted up warcraft 3 game ENFO team survival
September 15: i just correct some of my work and play around with the settings
September 12: i am making a senate game for Star wars battle grounds clone war it should be done later this week if you count sunday as the start of the week if not it should be up next week
September 10: My cousin has post up his review Desert Combat and his Bio in the staff area it a bit different than how i review my mods but it still a good review
September 9: i Just finish my four review, CannisRules: Balance of power
September 8: I started on staff page
September 7: i found some mistake in my review so i correct them also i going to add a tip secation for people who need help.
Augest 31: I done my first mod review Star wars Galactic
conquest And i am planing adding a another review today
Sudden Strike is done
Augest 30: I have my first review out today it called Life of a Maine
Also my good friend Matt has help me put up The banner 
Augest 29: Today update is that i finish the mod linking


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